Canine Scanning South West - Helping to plan your Litter
1.    Canine Scanning South West  (cssw)  will only be providing  an information only service, this is not a veterinary diagnosis and accept
No responsibility or guarantees of live puppies or numbers of pups.
2.    I allow (cssw) to apply surgical spirit and ultrasound gel and where necessary clip the hair on my dog for optimum scan quality.
3.    I enter the  premises of (cssw)  at my own risk and that of any dog for scanning purposes and understand that (cssw) will not be held responsible  for any accidents or injury occurring whilst on the premises. During mobile scanning services where (cssw) provides a service in the premises of a client no responsibility will be held for any accidents or injury occurring.
4.    (Cssw) will have the right to refuse to scan any dog showing aggression, full payment of scanning will still apply in these circumstances.
 Fully Insured.

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